Don't Miss Our Next Guest Lecturer, Dr. Jay Lerner, DDS.

Proud to announce another wonderful event coming to you from the Jason J Kim Labs thanks to our partnerships with our clinicians. We hope you can join us for the upcoming course with Dr. Jay Lerner, DDS. We strive to bring you the leading clinical experts in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry to discuss the art of temporization and some guidelines you can use in your own practice. Contact us at 1 (516) 829 4933 to learn more and secure your spot or head to Jason J Kim Dental Aesthetic.

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Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Lecture

Come and learn from Jason J. Kim, CDT who will be lecturing with Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Sunday March 11, 3-4:30pm
On "The Role of the Certified Dental Technician in Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Execution of Complex Esthetic Cases"
It's part of the weekend series:
Managing Complex Esthetic and Implant Cases. For more details about this course, check out their website:…